Digital Detox – Unplug to Plug

Computers, laptops, I-pads, Tablets, Smart phones, etc. and etc.- the list goes endless and yet there are many to follow suite. The race to know-all in this information age is to reach the top by gathering all knowledgeable resources and stay connected. People throng to their devices to be in the virtual world constantly ignoring their actual social commitments.

One would land up being panicky if they are out of reach of their digital devices…the constant urge to keep checking messages, posts, texts, etc. is so strong that even sleep doesn`t seem important at times..this is a completely irrational attitude with no logical explanations involved.

Yet, there comes a stage when a person just wants to stay away from this digital world. The gut instincts suggest the mind that Yes, now it`s time to switch off the gadgets, log out of social media, mute all alerts and relax your grey matter. The time for Digital DetoxHow???

One just needs to be self-motivated and make up minds to be less digitally distracted. The word has been recently added in the Oxford Dictionary too. And you won`t be guilty too for doing so. Probably, then only you would be able to notice the far better things in life which you had been missing till now.

Just, Off it all!!! Hop into the outer world and feel the fresh air, the birds chirping and the expressions on the faces of people around you. And they are definitely real with real feelings. Read a book instead of reading the online posts. The pages turning one by one completely de-stresses yourself and revives your old school habit of reading. And you would certainly realize that the visual concentration is not that much powerful as realistic ones.

Resort to games and outdoor activities viz., biking, hiking, trekking. Explore nature, take up photography, learn the art of yoga/ meditation, take up dance or singing as a wonderful habit to revive your instincts. The list goes endless yet again.

Socialize, meet people, interact and talk till your hearts melt out thoroughly. Travel, develop a good habit, learn a new creative art, there are million myriad choices for you to select and still get noticed without being online.

You would notice a whiff of fresh energy brimming within you and more ideas cropping up in your mind. An indeed a great way to detoxify and freshen up yourself. And we bet, you would love being OFF-LINE sometimes. Unplug and unwire yourself from the digital world to be plugged to the real world that has infinite methods to make you feel connected in true sense.

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