Yoga – An Insight

In Hindu philosophy, the methodical part of self-realization and spiritual attainment is known as “Sadhana” and the state of holy union with the Supreme is termed as “Yoga”. It is the sojourn with reflection and rejuvenation to stimulate the inner rhythm i.e. “SwaSwara” that is designed in a holistic approach to detoxify and cleanse the physical, astral and causal bodies. Yoga has the potential to heal the body on many levels. Human body is a mirror image of the sub-conscious mind and the yogic postures enrich it physically, mentally and emotionally, thus, strengthening to its inner core and the outcome is a fresh and rejuvenated mind, body and soul brimming with life.

A path to enlightenment that winds back 5,000 years to ancient India, Yoga has suddenly acquired the focal point amongst people enriching its immediate benefits but without any kinds of risks attached. India since aeons has hogged the limelight for its immense wealth in all materialistic and non-materialistic forms and with each passing day the Yoga techniques have attained the zenith.

Patanjali, the eminent pioneer in this arena compiled the various sutras which form the foundation of the modern Yoga treatise. The methodologies might have changed over the course of time yet the basic principle remains the same. These have emancipated into diverse forms and practices concentrating on several aspects of the human-astral connections. There is much to gain with a continued yoga practice that can benefit the entire society as the populace increases in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

The Indian value-system opines with life forces i.e. Prana flowing within the body circulating amongst pertinent energy centers and, thus rejuvenating oneself from the inner soul that extends purity to physical appearance. In contrast to it, the West apprehends the physical being to be the focal point and the visuals create a more substantial realization of the well-being of a person.

Globalization has its repercussions as well and to reprimand it, a harmonic rhythm is to be established amidst the inner soul and the outside world, the human body paves as the interface and for this to accomplish, Yoga definitely paves the way to reach that state of effortless peace and tranquility, simultaneously dwelling the human body in utmost contentment and deterring it from the worldly affairs and their ruthlessness.

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