Paleo Diet – An Overview

Since aeons, man has known to gather diverse foods and blend it according to his taste buds to suit his requirements. Every era he proved efficiently that the Homo sapiens are indeed intelligent of all species, thus, evidently authenticating the Darwin`s law of survival of the fittest. About 10,000 years ago, man was a hunter-gatherer depending on raw but fresh meat, leafy greens, indigenous vegetables, fish, nuts, etc. that was quite synonymous with the the Paleolithic era. Man, then was unaware of even the names of diabetes, obesity-related disorders, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, etc. which are the household traits of modern times and regarded as the diseases of present – day civilization.

Our ancestral menu was devoid of processed foods, refined sugars, dairy products, canned foods that add more to our calorie counter and less to our nutrition. Even though it’s pretty long time, yet the genetics of man hasn`t altered with the different eras. So the basic framework of human system is to rely on agriculture and animal husbandry for spontaneous generation and perpetuation and the genetics of man has continuously been following its ancestral counterpart barring the necessary evolutionary changes.

Contemporary Paleo diet comprises mainly on focusing on what we eat and when we eat. The menu consists primarily of eggs, fish, vegetables, fruit, edible mushrooms, root vegetables, nuts, and fresh meat (obtained from animals that are on grass diet and devoid of any chemicals). Grains, legumes, dairy products, refined salts and sugars, fats, processed and canned foods (including refined oils) are thoroughly excluded and completely avoided. Less dependence on carbohydrates and more of proteins to be incorporated in our daily regime for a healthy well-being is the up-most goal of this diet. Water is, in fact, the most prolific detoxifier in any diet since it acts as a natural coolant and flushes the irrelevant and unused by-products of our body. Salts are a complete no-no and one has to religiously avoid the starchy vegetables and their products as well.

Eating fresh is the name of the game. Remember, anything that`s fresh is the best, works the best and brings out the best in us. Anything that`s stale shall only demotivate our mind, body and soul and defer our normal functioning. Cooking, if done wrongly completely destroys the nutrients of the food and its quality. So Paleos eat the uncooked food. Food which is fresh and in original form. You are what you eat. Eat good, stay well; eat fresh, stay fresh. A positive energy will summon in a healthy body and mind only.

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