Ours is definitely the ‘right place’ for ‘right consult’, your search ends when you land here! We combine our experience and talent with tremendous hunger to always deliver better than before.

Team EurEx Consulting has expert professionals from every wing of software development, implementation, testing and maintenance. We value good software engineering practices, when designing software we think as much about the ‘fun stuff’ like scalability and code re-usability as about the tricky stuff like UX.

We design bespoke custom desktop and web-based software, mobile apps, rich internet applications from scratch and co-ordinate with our clients in maintaining, improvising, optimizing their existing deployments. We’ve delivered 40+ eCommerce/ERP/CRM/OMS projects using cutting-edge and immensely popular software stack and we’re constantly working hard every hour of the day to improve our services.

While supporting existing deployments we work hard to ensure system reliability, optimal performance with an eye towards identifying and resolving problems proactively, not resting until problems are resolved. Customer satisfaction and trust is what matters the most and we strive to achieve it from our esteemed customer. We take pride in investing in few extra miles to ensure a win-win scenario for everyone.

Perfection is at its best when we take the job in our hands. Aristotle aptly stated “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” and that’s what we believe in.